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Default Expanded Nations Packs released!

Over the last few years the dom3 community has made some amazing mod nations, which to me add hugely to the enjoyment of the game. However, I think new players often find it difficult to find the good mod nations amongst the confusion of this forum, so I thought I would make some compilation mods.

These mods are collections of my personal favourite mod nations. I should emphasise that the choice is completely subjective, and in fact I haven't been able to include all the nations that I like. I'm hoping that players will find these packs a useful starting point, and will be inspired by them to check out other mod nations, and indeed to make their own! The best way to browse other nation mods is Globu's Mod Catalog (I particularly like the online viewable version).

It's very possible to combine mods from these packs with other mods to make your own combinations - I'll talk more about this in the second post. This has all been made possible by Sombre's fantastic Mod Compatibility project, without which making this mod would have been nigh on impossible.

There are two packs:

Pack 1

This pack consists entirely of mod nations based on or inspired by nations from Warhammer. I've put this as pack 1 partly because I hope that players who aren't interested in Warhammer won't overlook it, as I think that the nations by Sombre and Burnsaber in this pack are probably the finest mod nations which have yet been made. There are also two mods by me in the pack, but obviously I can't comment on their quality. All nations are added to the Middle Age.

Preview picture:

I'd recommend checking out the individual preview pictures in the links below, as I was only able to squeeze a tiny fraction of the awesome new sprites into this picture.


Itza, Servants of the Old Ones by Sombre
Bretonnia, Knights of the Grail by Burnsaber
Nehekhara, Tomb Kings by llamabeast
Skavenblight, Rise of the Under-Empire by Sombre
Ogre Kingdoms, Gathering of Might by Sombre
Dwarfs, Grudges of the Ancestors by Burnsaber
Altdorf, Pride of the Empire by Sombre
Sylvania, Vampire Counts by llamabeast

Comments about the nations should be directed to the individual threads, rather than here.

Pack 2

This pack adds nations generally themed around real-world cultures, like the base-game nations. Three of the nations are actually "alternative history" versions of base-game nations. There is a more Byzantine Pythium, a "good" LA Ulm and an "evil" LA Jomon. All the nations are compatible with base game nations though, so if you want you can play the two Jomons against each other, for example.

Preview picture:

Again, I'd recommend checking out the links below for more complete preview pictures.


Early Age:
Haida Gwaii by Foodstamp

Middle Age:
Shangri-La, Hidden City of the Secret Masters originally by Nounours, extended and maintained by Globu
Al-Nadim, The Thousand and One Nights by elmokki
Svarogia, Dark Forests by Executor
Arga Dis, Blood of Warriors by Sombre
Pythium, The Second Empire by Burnsaber

Late Age:
New Ulm, Iron Faith Reborn by Sombre
Vaettiheim, Exiled Tribes by Sombre
New Jomon, Broken Sword by Sombre

Again, comments on the nations should be directed to the threads themselves rather than here to make sure that the authors see them.

While I'm writing a long post about mods, I also highly recommend the following mods which affect gameplay for all nations:

Conceptual Balance Mod 1.84 by quantum_mechani
Holy War: Lesser Edition by Burnsaber, with minor tweaking by llamabeast
Cross Path Combat Spells (CPCS) by Burnsaber

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LlamaServer FAQ
My mod nations: Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts
A compilation of high quality mod nations: Expanded Nations Packs

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