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Default Re: Polish OOB

Minor issues:

137 Douglas Boston - more adequate photo is 12550 in RAF markings (though they weren't used by Polish squadrons)

239 Fortified House - better photo seems 30233

258 Marksman - a soldier on a photo is clearly from 1939 - a better photo for this period is French 15022

259 Marksman - a soldier on a photo is from 1939 - it should be replaced with something British, but with an ordinary rifle without a scope. I've found a nice photo of Commonwealth soldier
- it could be used also for British OOB 575 Marksman and Canadian 214 Sniper, which use photos of a scoped rifle.

274, 496,497 Barykada - better photo of a barricade seems 30232

370 Polski Fiat 621 - IMHO better icon for a troop-transporting truck is 3170/72/70, without some package on a platform.
Then, 360 Ursus A should receive icon 3179/81/79, corresponding with its smaller size, and 369 Polski Fiat 618 - yet smaller icon 2138 (winter 3184). There's no need of desert icons for pre-war Poland, but they also can be found.

btw, 369 Polski Fiat 618 - photo is not Fiat 618. It looked like this: or a better photo

400,470 37mm AT-Gun - photo is ugly, and shows a gun with half of shield lacking - there is a good Polish one 30500

439 Crusader II-CS - should be used until 5/44 (now 4/43), until advent of Sherman CS

456 Renault FT-17, 457 Renault FT 37mm - I suggest to give them specifically Polish photos (with a gun: or older:
with MG:
or I'll attach some others.
For a sake of consistency, unit 456 might be named "FT" instead of "FT-17" (especially, that "17" wasn't officially a part of a name)

471 47mm AT-Gun - I suggest a name 47mm Cpt AT-Gun or something like this meaning captured. Same for 472 20mm AA Gun and 53 50mm AT Gun

477 Hotchkiss H-35 - there are different versions in publications, but most probably they were H-39 with SA-18 gun (Magnuski wrote about H-39, and they were rather new production tanks).
As a result, speed should be 36 km/h, proper icon is 4391, and much better photo is 32017.

693 Fiat 3000 - unfortunately, it isn't known, what armament had this single tank (or if it was armed at all), but it should likely have an Italian armament, sure not SA-18 gun. I suggest to copy #14 VTerni 37mm L40 gun from Italian OOB, with 68 rounds.

793 Bren Carrier - it rather should have Bren instead of a rifle

829 Berliet - icon 3161/63 is more appropriate for a heavy truck

877 Renault FT-17 - a photo should be French one (27556), with FM MG


Easy things worth to add:
- Praga RV truck - #211 from Romanian OOB, used from around 6/39 to 9/39, rare equipment (though used in the 10th Mot. Cavalry Brigade)
- 47mm Gun Empl - #371 from Finnish oob, with its main weapon and #173 rifle, used in 9/39-9/39 on the Polish coast.

btw: weapon 173 should be renamed from "Kb wz.98a" (same as weapon 178) to "Kbk wz.98" or "Wz.98 carbine" - it was shorter carbine, not rifle (and they were distinguished in earlier oobs)

It would be worth also to add Polish most typical field bunker, which was armed with only one wz.30 HMG, and maybe grenades. It could be based upon unit 387. They were meant for flanking fire, so maybe they should have heavily armoured sides (concrete plus earthen embankment from enemy's side)