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Default Re: Polish OOB

I'm attaching several pictures, that might be useful:

447 Boys Carrier - for consideration, a photo of Polish Boys carrier - unfortunately, not too good, but a real thing from desert fights (I'm not sure if a carrier on current 30233 picture is Polish)

469 7.92 wz.08 AAMG (Maxim) - current photo is probably Dutch (not Polish anyway)

452 Renault R-35 - attached a specifically Polish 1939 R-35 (unfortunately, few photos exist)

529 LKU - attached a photo of Polish armed river boats

539 CKU Nieuchwytny - attached a proper photo of this heavy armed river boat

551 Policja - current photo is probably Slovak armoured car

664 Wz.28(late) - I'm attaching a better photo of late version with slanted back (29506)

I'm also attaching alternative proposals for units:
- 496-497 Barykada from 1944 Warsaw Uprising (not 274 though);
- 238 Bunker (a forest partisan one);
- LWP OOB09 233 MO-D-3 Class (it might be copied to USSR OOB as well, used from 1943)

That's all as for now.
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