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Default Re: Polish OOB

Thank You for last updates

Only few things.

I don't know how come I skipped naval support so far:

128 120mm Naval Gun - it could exist only from 5/37 (Grom class destroyers).
If you'd like to change a generic picture, here are photos:
(btw: the destroyer BÅ‚yskawica is preserved, as the oldest destroyer in the world)

For earlier period, there should be added 130mm Naval Gun (weapon might be copied from Soviet weapon #189), used from 1/30 (well, precisely 7/30, but it would affect formations) until 9/39 (existed longer, but unlikely after that date). You can use a generic picture, or photos:

456 Renault FT - weapon should be 228 7.92 wz.25 TMG

488 Mustang Mk.III - Mk.III variant could receive an own photo

547 37mm Portee - it's worth to replace a photo with original Polish Morris 15 cwt of Carpathian Lancers

630 Mk IVh (Pz IV) - a photo is a very German tank. There is a Polish one

900 Kubus improvised APC - there could be added an infantry flamethrower, quoted as its armament during its most known action, possibly used from an open upper hatch...

There could be added Panzerfaust team in inf.AT (class 2), in 8-9/44, as an insurgent weapon. There is weapon #89, a secondary weapon could be pistol or #157 Kar 98k Rifle, possibly grenades.

That's all. I have several more written down, but they are too minor to bother you...