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Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post
Why I will no longer be playing SPWW2....
You would think a yearly upgrade would be a good thing. It's not. The designers are just making the game worse and worse!!!!!!!!!! And not addressing any real issues. This is not a game for "hardcore gamers". The Long Campaign is a joke. It is more bug-ridden after every upgrade.
Really ? "More bug-ridden after every upgrade." Are you just going to complain vaguely or offer a list.....IF you think there are new problems every year then you must know what they are. You had made a grad total of THREE posts before this one and they were made 3-4 years ago and they were as vauge on details as this one....

Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post
The last straw for me was when I was in an attack mission and the AI disable my use of my art. and used my own art. to attack ME!!!!!!!!!!! I know this because I am a "hardcore gamer". I was playing as the Germans against the English in 1940 France and I was bombarded with German art.!!!!!!!!!!
The simplest thing to do in that case would be to save the game at that point, zip up the files and post them here with a description of the problem and we WILL investigate. We investigate everything presented in that way. We cannot test something we cannot see or recreate and there multitude of unanswered questions ....what turn did this happen for one. You seem to be suggesting that for the entire game you had no access to your own arty but was constantly bombarded by it......a simple save game posted would show this and if correct, could be fixed but you are the only person to report this and you are not the only person playing a long campaign
Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post
The only "improvement" the designers made to the Long Campaign in the last 10 years is the art. over-load rule. This is a very sloppy "fix"...
In what way is this " sloppy"..... again a vague angry post with no details.. WHY is penalising over purchasing of arty " sloppy"? I would guess from this that you regularly overloaded your force with arty and are ticked off we penalized you for it

Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post
and does not address the real issues in the Long Campaign.
The most glaring unrealistic element of the Long Campaign is that there is no unit scarcity rule. The German player can have unlimited tank destroyers, for example, of which only 2 were ever produced and only 1 was ever used in battle!
This is baffling as the German produced an abundance of tank destroyers but if I had to guess.......and you leave me no choice but to guess..... you are referring to the Dicker Max and/or Sturer Emil....NEITHER of which the AI can purchase in a game..they are HUMAN PLAYER ONLY units so what we are left with is you are enraged by the fact WE allow YOU to buy as many as you want and you cannot self-limit yourself to historical usage....... and somehow that is a fault of the game and not you.

Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post

When I complained years ago that the River-crossing missions are unplayable, I was told just don't play them, now they are no long part of the Long campaign. Apparently that is the way the designers solve problems...
River assaults were a troubling problem and I cannot comment on the "solution" as I was not the one who made it.

Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post

This is not a game for "hardcore gamers" because if it was I would not be the only one aware of all the glaring problems with this game.
I could go on for hours with the all bugs, and poor programing, that have never been addressed. For just one example: German 88mm FLAK cannot fire at aircraft....
......... so after all these years we are back to an "issue" that I had thought had been laid to rest nearly 20 years ago......the 88 does not fire at aircraft because it was not used to fire are low flying aircraft and right from the very beginning we did not include heavy flak guns in ANY OOB..... NONE of that has anything to do with "poor programming" or a "bug"'s the way the 88 is set up in the OOB as an AT gun NOT an AA gun and ALL OOB's follow that OOB rule. We provide MOBHack for anyone who disagrees to alter their personal OOB's in any way they want and with that you could set up an 88 as an AA why have you not done that ?? setting up 88s as AT guns only and not AA guns was an OOB design decision made in 1998 ! .....and now NINETEEN YEARS LATER you show up saying it's "poor programing".....

Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post
I will not be looking forward to next years "upgrade".
So how is it that you feel the game was made worse with this upgrade SPECIFICALLY?

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