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Default Re: German vs Soviet Strategy

That's alot of battle points. I don't ever play such a big game, unless its in MBT where the tanks are alot more expensive.

Just some quick comments.

1. Airstrikes for Meeting Engagements, I feel this is very difficult to plan for as you only have 1 pre-planned spot. Meeting engagements tend to be more fluid over the entire map, so I don't really spend points on airstrikes for such a battle.

2. The points. Especially for WW2, each infantry coy is worth around 500 points, and for a standard battalion, you can usually set it up with around 1800 points. For a Armoured Battle Group, just augment with an armour coy and it tops up at not more than 2500-3000 points. 116 formations is just too much. I rather work with just 25-30 formations and make sure everyone is useful and important. Reserves should not make up more than 10% of your battlegroup for Meeting Engagement, if at all.

3. While most of Pz3 and Pz4 are not the most effective units, I think they still play a useful role in killing smaller enemy armour such as recon units. Ammo can be a concern, so I rather not expose my heavy AT assets too early, or waste their precious SABOT/ AP on enemy that can be destroyed by smaller assets.
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