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We cannot disclose figures as per our contracts, but my title "the dead file" really had nothing to do with sales of any of our old titles and all about giving serving our past customers. As our company has gotten older, there are more titles "out-of-print" for one reason or another. Typically when a title goes out-of-print we archive the game forum for that particular title and remove it from view. However, people who bought the game previously then have no where to go to find other players or to ask game questions because the forum is gone from view. In order to show those past customers that we value their purchases we've decided to provide this area as a place they can still post.

The two subforums listed in this area used to be listed in the archive area at the bottom of the forum for users to browse. It made more sense, because they are both "out-of-print" to just move them into this forum so that it takes up less real estate in the forum (i.e. less scrolling). Who knows, we may resurrect other old forums and put them as locked subforums here as well. For now though, I just cleaned up the existing visible forums.
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