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Default Re: Question Re Red, Blue and Green OOBs

Personaly i find red/blue/green to be one of the most usefull features of the game.
I have used them all the time since i was member of the SPCamo Workshop years ago and up until now (sadly we lost yellow along the way).

I find them great for fictional non-national OBs and as placeholders for national OBs are not included in the game.
Currently me and a friend are prepearing for a looong red-blue (totally modded OBs) team pbem campaign using a mixture of semi-table top strategic maps for moving units around and fighting our battles in the SP-game. Tried and tested before, it works.

I have to say though that i never use these OBs as they come straight with the game, i always use them for brand new modded work.

For me, if space is a premium and it is not possible to add more countries other than by replacing these three, then i would rather retain red/ble/green and have that feature than to add some additional commonwealth clone OBs (no offence to any Kiwis or South Africans)that don`t really add that much more to the game.
The modability has always been one of Steel Panthers strongest features and these non-national OBs really add icing to this "cake".
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