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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

Originally Posted by Ts4EVER View Post
Yeah sure, although tbh you don't get much feedback on these in my experience, in regards to testing.
Well maybe that's 'cuz they're so doggoned challenging. Like, who wants to lose? But your creations are sober reminders that war is hell, and victory comes at a price.

FYI never got a win in any of your campaigns, although had one or two in separate battles. Personally I prefer mission-oriented stuff with high-point VH's, instead of casualty minimization, but beggars can't be choosers. Let's just say your efforts are by no means unappreciated, and I'm sure there are others who agree.

Look forward to playing some of your latest after the next serendipitous (and totally unexpected) patch. Thank you for your contributions to this wonderful game and keep on truckin'. Cheers!
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