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Fallout Vietnam 10 part series on PBS.

The 10 part series (And 10 yrs. to make it.) on Vietnam starts tonight at 8pm EST. The documentary was directed by Ken Burns (Baseball & The Civil War) and Lynn Novick also a well known documentarian and looks like will be broadcast over the next 10 days. The show will be repeated in a "back to back" fashion. CBS News "Face the Nation" interviewed both directors this morning and is available online. The history will be shown with interviews from both sides of the issue whether from the field or politically etc. A couple of takeaways...

1.U.S. Marine: Very bitter ion the performance of the first models of the M-16 and personally "I hated them and I feared them. And the more I feared them, the more I hated them." that's a powerful statement.

2. NVA: After scenes showing U.S. combat troops smoking, he was saying how easy it was to track there movements and set up ambushes. They simply followed the cigarette butts in the jungle.

3. NVA: We watched propaganda movies of the protests in the U.S. and were told we were winning the war because their society was collapsing. Many of us felt the opposite, how strong they were because they allowed the protests. Something we would never have been allowed to do.

You might be able to watch it on outside the U.S.

You might find out something new here as so many classified documents have evenly more recently been released.

The Official Trailers:

Here's the link and they are showing it as well.

THE LINK WORKS, tested it a couple of times.

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