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Question Size of mounted "transport" units?

Just wondered if this statement (from a thread in WWII forum) holds true for (motor)bicycles and cavalry in MBT?

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
But bicycles need to be size 2 as with cavalry as they are taller and so easy targets and also easily spotted. Making a carrier (2 man) element size 1 wont work for when the section is mounted with 12 guys pedalling. That the nominal men left with a pile of dismounted bikes might be smaller is irrelevant. The mounted case wins out since size is fixed.
If so there are quite a few units that need a size increase:
Sudan - #614 Horses (used for "transport" of Janjaweed)
Saudi - #572 Camel Transport
China - #357 Cavalry Transport
for example (not a comprehensive list)

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