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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

Again "raw" data from the final patch post for 2010/2011.

AC-130U TIME TO...
C1. CHANGE: USMC/AC-130U SPOOKY/UNIT 573/Name AC-130U SPOOKY to AC-130U+4 SPOOKY/End Date to DEC 2010 vice DEC 2020/
In the eyes of the USAF this was a failed attempt to remove the 25mm and 40mm and replace it with the 30mm. This was conversion was only done on 4 of the 17 operational SPOOKYS. Part of the reason the conversion was due to the maintenance and ammo requirements of the 25mm and 40mm. The other, the 30mm was found to be inaccurate and thus "operationally unsuitable" The USMC has other thoughts about this (30mm) but you'll have to wait until my first Patch Post for 2012 to find out why.
Great overview of the issue at hand and at the bottom is the reason I started the thread in the first place.
Detailed background on the project.

A1. ADD: USA/AC-130H SPECTRE/JAN 1998 - DEC 2020/Use USA UNIT 564for the base./
These never stopped flying and are in service (8) for the foreseeable future. This "new" unit is at least electronically comparable to the current AC-130U (TI/GSR etc.). However and if time allows before the deadline, the AC-130 will be advanced further electronically and in weaponry (VIPER STRIKE ATGW) as well with information I have.
If not I'll present it for next year.

Comparison between SPECTRE and SPOOKY. Note weapons and ammo info.
As immediately above.
Gets into the electronic issue in greater detail.
A little history from the guys who flew them.

Jets and Planes but...
A1. ADD: EQUADOR/CHEETAH C/JAN 2011/Use SOUTH AFICAN UNITS 154& 336 for the base./ Retired by the SAAF in 2008, the planes have been maintained in storage for surplus sales purposes. Used JAN 2011 since Ecuador has been involved with these planes in both South Africa and at home for over a year.
Reports the buy.
Does the same and details it as well. It'll show these to be upgraded versions of the CHEETAH C as well.

A2. ADD: THAILAND/GRIPEN C (TJAS 39C)/OCT 2011/Use SWEDISH UNITS 327- 329 for the base./ These are brand new fighters. The GRIPEN C is the single seat 4th generation interceptor version. A good quick look.

A3. ADD: THAILAND/GRIPEN D (TJAS 39D)/OCT 2011/Use SWEDISH UNITS NONE (?) for the base./ As above except that the GRIPEN D is the two seat 4th generation fighter-bomber version with heavier payload.
As above. The rest below cover the deal plus more for both.
When you can get the full articles they're hard to beat.
SAAB comes to Thailand in partnership deal.
Thailand orders more GRIPEN C fighters.
Click on tabs at top for further info.
Homepage that'll allow you too find info on all current user nations.

Though older, provides good background info note chart to left (Normal feature of site.) weapons section.

This is strictly a prototype/demonstrator craft.

C1. CHANGE: RUSSIA/Su-50/UNIT963/Name to either Su PAK FA or Su-50 PAK FA vice Su-50./
This might avoid confusion with the T-50 that was the prototype and puts it in line with net searches as normally known simply as PAF FA.
Posts #3; #5 and #9.

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