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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

The news of the week.

How to help kill the troubled F-35 program, recover and then continue the debate anyway.

1. We want the second engine for redundancy and to protect jobs.

2. Almost made it but, the House kills it in the end.

3. But could a little "dejueve" still happen? Remember the F-16 had the same problem. Here's that story and as it might apply to the F-35 still.

4. Costs have reached a major tipping point.
Anyone who assumes any program is safe had better read the updates I've posted concerning MEADS in the Patriot update thread.

Now for the only true 5th Gen fighter out there for now anyway.

1. F-22 gets a whole lot of $love$.

2. F-22 update of the program and overview.

A400M begins air refueling trials.

APKWS II coming to a HARRIER and A-10 near you!
Well with the success in combat of the USMC laser guided APKWS on the AH-1W and soon AH-1Z it was only a matter of time before the much more accurate and thus more concentrated fire power of the system would make it's way to jets. I only wonder is the USA maybe going to second guess itself down the road and put them on the APACHES?

The surprise of the week the V-22 OSPREY, perception now vs reality.

The stupidity award goes to the U.K. how in the world can a right minded military do this when so many are so close to finishing their quals?
Got this off the "did".com site as above for APKWS article.

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