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Default Difficulty level?

So I found StarFury on Gametap a few days ago and I've been liking it so far. I did the first campaign and was generally kicking butt in my Terran Battleship. Then I started the 2nd campaign and upgraded to an Abbidon Battleship but now I am completely lost.

I've been trying to do the 3 mercenary missions for the Abbidons but I cant even do those. They want to pay me like 10,000 credits to destroy a Xiati ship, but when I get there I'll see that its a freaking Xiati carrier with like 2 cruiser escorts. And there's never any friendlies around either. Its just crazy. How do they expect me to be able to defeat a carrier and 2 cruisers? You cant even hire your own escorts in this game or get your own fleet can you? Then how is it possible to defeat multiple heavily armed/shielded enemies?

It wasnt so bad when it was like 2 pirate cruisers or something, but the Xiati dont screw around.....
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