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Post Re: I Bring the Sword: Israeli Marines Beach Assault

Originally Posted by shahadi View Post
Originally Posted by RetLT View Post
Also, the cost of the Shipon teams (16) seems a bit low considering they have night vision.
"Also, the cost of the Shipon teams (16) seems a bit low considering they have night vision." Agreed. I am suggesting a value increase of 30 to a cost of 46. I based my new cost upon the rate of the TOW, 1-TOW, and 2-TOW team cost as given in OOB004 to calculate a value for the Siphon team with night vision. TOW/2-TOW = Siphon/x, such that 58/106 = 16/x, so that (106*16)/58=29.2414

Camo Workshop Points Calculator has the value at 54

I have reconsidered my earlier valuation of the Shipon Team with night vision. Subsequently,using the Camo Workshop Points Calculator the appropriate cost should be 54 (changed value) + 16 (Old OOB Points) or 70 not 46 as I earlier estimated.

For anyone interested, I followed the following steps to arrive at the game cost recalculation:
Save OOB to a custom folder
Load/Open the OOB from the custom folder using the Manage OOB Sets utility
Copy/paste unit to unused slot
Increase visibility value to 40
Save custom OOB
Load/recalculate custom OOB in points calculator
Note "Changed?" column for change points
Add Old OOB Points to Changed? points
Confirm recalculated cost in MobHack

Thanks RetLT for the question. I think I got it right the second time around using the Camo Workshop Points Calculator.

WinspMBT is a great strategy game.

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