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Default Re: new map generator

I totally understand. I play solo games by logging across the net into my own linux server. Why? Because I dont feel the hostings on my desktop for one thing. And because on long games I can have it do things like beep, or email me, or page me, sms, IM, notify me in IRC, whatever I want for a reminder.

Altho I do miss the speech capabilities of having my Windows machine tell me. I understand though that if I add certain modems I can have my linux server speak. I can also have it phone me and talk to me. Heehee.
"*ring ring* Hello? OK I will be right there."
"Was that your wife?"
"No it was my computer telling me my turn was up"

Hmmm that would also be fun for security notices.
This game is NOT suitable for students, interns, apprentices, or anyone else who is expected to pass tests on a regular basis. Do not think about strategies while operating heavy machinery. Before beginning this game make arrangements for someone to check on you daily. If you find that your game has continued for more than 36 hours straight then you should consult a physician immediately (Do NOT show him the game!)
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