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Default Re: Noobs & Vets: Rise of the AI Menace. EA, BI, Recruiting.

The story so far:

In the aftermath of the vets defeat in NvV III, noobs and vets now co-exist peacefully. The old animosities are forgotten and new lasting bonds of friendship are forged. Groups of former enemies come together forming mixed clans. The old ways are not long forgotten, however, and constant feuding between clans is the order of the day.

Till one day a new sinister threat emerges. Noobs and vets must now come together to fight this new scourge that threatens the existence of both races and of the clans themselves. This new breed of enemy are without feeling or emotion of any kind. Cold and calculating their bloodlust knows no end.

Can the mixed clans of noobs and vets come together long enough to defeat this common enemy? And if defeated which clan will then assume rulership over the world and put an end to this endless quarreling once and for all?
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