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Exclamation Re: Jamor Novskov in the Game Guide

We had provided the original link to lonesentry years ago when we first posted that as it provided some interesting insight. Had I known then I would be wasting time on the Officers name I would never have added that to the GG. This whole thread is a study in nitpicking.

  1. We did not write the original article, we just provided a re-print of it for player interest.

  2. We did not cross-check every last detail for accuracy

  3. Given the battle in Berlin was Nazi Germany vs the Soviet Union and not just "Russia" it is not beyond the realms of possibility that a Slovene could be serving in the Red Army or even that someone from Slovenia might have emigrated to the Soviet Union, joined the Red Army and did not "Russianize" his surname.

  4. I have no idea where the original Russian version could be as ...again.. we had nothing to do with producing it only providing it as interesting reading for players but translating Cyrillic script into any other language can always result in slight variations in spelling especially for surnames and that might be how that name came to be spelt that way or see 3 above

  5. Yes there is also a possibility that the whole account is fictional but a version of that account using that officers name appears in a book Gotterdammerung: The last days of the Wehrmacht in the East edited by Bob Carruthers

    ....but that does not mean 100% it is true and accurate just that the Novskov's name was used in a publication that was published AFTER we put that link in the GG and note that Bob Carruthers is an "Emmy Award winning author and historian" according to Amazon

So you should be taking this question up with Lonesentry and Bob Carruthers NOT Camo Workshop

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