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Default Re: Japanese OOB05 v.2014

Just a few notes, after last updates. One of medium importance (333 M-H II), several minor, but easy to fix. Or might be ignored.

69 Aichi D3A - according to a Polish encyclopedia of Japanese aircraft by K. Zalewski, apart from 250kg bomb, it could take 2x60kg bombs (weapon 236) (now 30 kg)

117 Aichi D1A - same as above, but apart from 250kg bomb, it could also take 2x30kg bombs (weapon 153).

108 Type Ka - Bought in 1928 (now 1/33) according to A. Tomczyk "Japanese armor vol.1" or 1930 according to Taki
Would need extending of formations.

148 M3 Stuart - isn't a better pic 9113..?

200 Ko-Gata - it would be worth to give it an own photo - this generic one doesn't look like Japanese at all. Here is the best choice:

Apparently also MG-armed were used, which can be added.. (possibly in two classes in mixed 3:2 platoons, along with two kinds of Otsu gata tanks)
One or two photos there show, that also long gun versions were used (weapon 9 37mm Sogekiho)

215 Type 97 Shi-Ki - it also had rear turret MG, which might be added, since it was its only turret weapon (245 7.7 Type 97 TMG?).

271 Yokosuka B4Y1 - it has two 500 kg bombs, but max load was 500 kg. Might be two 250 kg, but on the other hand, the photos always show them with a bunch of small bombs (6 x 50 or 60 kg?). eg.

276 Mitsubishi B2M2 - 800kg was a max load of bombs, but 1 x 800 kg bomb is very doubtful, maybe against ships only..
Here it is shown with some small bomb

294 Kawanishi H8K2 - maybe a better pic is 9143?

299 Crossley A/C - armament was two separate Vickers 7.7mm.
Maybe a better pic is 8691 or 8692?

333 M-H II - it was Mk III in fact - photo of Japanese cars: (it also seems from the photo, that they have Boys ATR). Apparently they were used until 1945 (caption of the photo at )

378 Ki-61 Kai Hien - precisely this variant with 4x20mm was Ki-61-II Kai

That's all
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