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Default Re: Variations in Friendliness

Originally Posted by ExplorerBob View Post
Can you transfer uvar settings from one quest to another?
It's been more than a year since I've messed with UVAR, and the mod I was making that used it got eaten when my laptop died. IIRC, the uvars exist outside of the quests. Any uvar may be accessed by multiple quests. I think.

In fact, I seem to recall that if you play the game, and an UVAR is set to some value, and then play again without exiting to the desktop, it'll retain the uvar value. You may be able to use that, so that multiple games in a row end up with an ever-more-complicated political situation. If you don't want that, you might have to include a few lines in the quests/gameover.ini file to reset all your variables at the end of each game.

P.S.: Man, you've really got to put this mod up on the site when you've got it running. The more I think about all the cool things you can do with swapping allegiances around, the more excited I get. You could trigger alliance changes at the homeworlds of other races. Like, if you visit the muktians, it turns the zorg against you. If you conquer the urluquai, the garthans become friendly. It could get complicated, but awesome.
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