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Default Re: Aaron Hall\'s Dungeon Odyssey



Put the spell.txt file in the data folder of the module that should use it (DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP THE OLD FILE)


*Spellsystem changed to prevent abuse of the infamous "spell effect stacking bug"
-spells/skills like barkskin and berserk, that increase stats of the caster are automatically activated, and can no longer be cast (to prevent multicasting and bonus stacking) affected spells:
Barkskin, Berserk, Cleansing Armor, Cloack of Darkness, Cold Enchant, Deadly Precision, Fire Armor, Fire Enchant, Giant Strength, Ice Armor, Lightning Armor, Lightning Enchant, Magic Armor, Magic Shield, Nature's bounty, Rage, and Vigor.

-The lightspell will still stack, but it's casting cost has been increased, while casting lightspell at a higher level has been made more effective.

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Dungeon odyssey modules:

Christmas module v1.05 (attached to first post)

Xerathul's Revenge v0.5
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