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Default Surprising battle outcomes

Got the game 2 days ago, and I'm really hooked so far !
The game controls, squadrons orders et al are really well thought and make a breeze playing serious fleet engagment, that's very enjoyable ! The interface could be made somewhat better, but that's a small quibble.

Still after some games I'm a bit surprised and disappointed at how battles turn out : "shoot the mast and board the deck" looks to be a guaranteed win...
In fact in maybe 5-6 battles I've never seen a ship sink (except a fireship!), and ships hulls are incredibly sturdy : 150-200 points vs 5 per mast; even raking close tange double shot doesn't make significant hull damage, where mid-to-long chain sometimes drops a mast.
So every time I just have to load chain, to slow the enemy, then run after it and grapple - much too easily due to the sequenced turns...- and send a boarding party with all available crew. And even without additional crewmen, I've stormed a 2nd rate SoL with a 5th rate this way, my 12 marines vs more than 50 !!.

That doesn't sound right, Trafalgar wasn't Actium !!
[img]/threads/images/Graemlins/Cold.gif[/img] Is that a normal game behavior ?

I did play the tutorial battles, then 4 battles of the Huzzah campaign, now I'm also in the French Bourbon Navy campaign. Normal AI balance.
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