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Default Re: Surprising battle outcomes

Thanks Andrew for your reply,

Surely you must be more knowledgeable than me about how really behave the ships of the era : my references are more other wargames (WS&IM being the main one) than real history !
Still I'd have thought that hull damage, located near the waterline (for example done by the lowest deck guns, the biggest ones IIRC) would have caused considerable flooding, slowed ship and eventually caused capsizing. Wasnt'it the case ?

About damage factor, I will try at +1 but as rigging is already very vulnerable at 0 I fear it'll be worse ...

About boardings the diff setting was at 0, and I was playing very high quality/morale US ships vs an English SoL - for which I can't see the crew quality, but I suppose it was rather correct (as it was an Englishman) Will try again with +1 and post my result.
And what about the totally irrealistic "ramming" that only occurs due to phased play (I mean, when for example I ram from behind a ship going FASTER just because "it's my turn") ? Can you devise some countermeasure (having faster ships move first, "delaying" collisions till end of turn, whatever...).
Lastly a question : did really the special ammos such as linked shots, cannister et al. exist in the late 17th and early 18th ? I thought they were a late 18th invention...
Same about gun ranges : weren't they shorter in the earlier eras ?

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