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Default Re: Playtesting WinSPMBT patch

Israel Vs PLO 2012ish, October I think.

1. On the Israel buy list it has 3 engineer APC's under infantry.

2. Something odd. As I was just messing around to see how effective cluster weapons are I hit a massive AI controlled clump of PLO guys, and saw how effective cluster weapons now are.. However on the Israeli turn 3-4 units had been spotted despite not moving or shooting. They where pinned in LOS of other units hand had taken kills from the arty.

The attachment has 3 saved games in it.
#14: before the strikes.
#15 when I first noticed the bug, however you can't ID the units that are spotted.
#16: after another set of strikes, here's a list of spotted units.
Malita support squad (Unit D1) Is spotted, Yet AL Aqsa Group (BO2) on the same hex is not spotted.
Unit R0 is spotted as well.
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