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Default Re: Daunted by Long Campaign force selection

Yes I did, sorry, actually I believe I was confused with your force selection on the LC as it includes some extra stuff besides the Stages on your first post, but then I realized that they were support assets though I also noticed that you bought the close recon and Inf AT elements mentioned on Stage 2 with supply points so I was wondering if some howitzers could be traded for some SP guns and flaks. The issue was if I should keep just one battery for all the campaign.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the info, I was reading some online material on the subject, I see that every nation had its peculiarities but overall it's as you say: 1 battery per battalion and the Germans were short on ordnance during the late stages of the war

I read that the Germans could assign more tubes to a given battalion depending on the importance and nature of the mission and special circumstances, but this was uncommon during the late war as the German stance became more defensive.

Also that "great emphasis was also placed on the battalion as the fire-control unit, and the separation of the battalion into independent batteries to be used as attached artillery is never recommended except in extremely large sectors, or under very difficult terrain conditions such as thick woods."

Oveja Negra
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