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Default Re: Finnish OOB 6.0

Now that I really started going and the navy equipment page is there...

Navy 130 53 TK

Unit 593 130mm Turret
Vision: 40
Range finder: 22

"Tykkilaskin, laseretäisyysmittari ja lämpökamera"
"Cannon computer (or something), laser range finder and a TI camera"


Antiship missile -85 (MTO-85) is a tricky one. As there isn't a surface-to-water missile this could be ignored, but at least RBS-17 is included as an ATGM
MTO-85 on Navy site

On board of some ships (Hamina, Rauma class), carried by a truck if on land. Too big and clumsy, can't limit to shoot only on water? Then we can just skip this.

Rannikko-ohjus 06 (Spike ER)

Weapon: Spike ER
(Copy from any country, such as Romania (slot 170) or Chile (slot 170))

Unit: ROhj-06 team
Unit class: 206
Available from: 1/08 (usually conscript training about 2 years after acceptance pointed by the year in the designation)
Move: 1
Vision: 40
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