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Originally Posted by DRG View Post
I know I've said this before but maybe it was in a PM to someone else. I will simply ignore ANY info on what MIGHT be produced and am now ONLY interested in weapons and equipment that is actually in service so everyone can save themselves a lot of time and effort by NOT posting things like the the patrol boat "Track follow". I don't care, I don't even cut and paste them to the list and they have no relevance until they are commissioned.

We USED TO be interested in things like this to add some flavour to the future years covered by the OOB's but I'm fed up with creating Icons for things that never see the light of day and then having to pull them from the OOB's.
I hear you. The reason why I'm also placing these things that are yet to come is to give the links for later use for specifications or more information. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting you guys to track and follow every piece of equipment ordered or negotiated around the world. Instead I use this kind of information to make our home-cooked OOBs to use in our battles between friends.

Patria IFV looks to be based on one configuration Patria is indeed selling, but not the one that FDF was buying.

And now for something completely real. FDF has bought M134D "Minigun" gatling guns for use with the NH-90 helicopters. First batch is expected to be delivered before the end of this year when they will practice shooting and maintaining them on platforms on ground. They'll be installed on helicopters the next year.

The conscript magazine: link, page 13
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