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Default Re: General discussion

My name's Marek Tucan, I'm... Wait, gotta count... OK, this September I'll be 23, so I hope I'm 22 at the moment.

I am studying Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, going to specialise in Technologies. Up to this day only completed High School (best possible result, but it was more a matter of luck than knowledge ), but hopefully in 2.5 years I'll get a Master degree.
I'm interested in history, especially WWII and Arab-Israeli wars, altough recently I got me a bit into Napoleonic era and began to gather info about VietNam (Triggered most likely by description of Tunnel Rats operations in Forsyth's "Avenger").
Got hand on SP1 a long time ago, at first Beta version offered for free on a CD of one of gaming magasines, I have tried and after few initial plays I got hijacked completely. Got me a full version, soon after SP2 came I got it too. Played right first version of SPWW2.
Then for a while I got to SPWAW (ver. 1 and 2), just after that SP3, but discovered SPMBT v. 1, downloaded, played and upgraded since that moment. When SPWW2 v.6 came out, DL'ed it as well as MBT v. 2 and so on up to this point...

In the entire course of my SP carreer I was trying to mod it, be it units or new maps. Actually I'm a bit in the OOB editing, though whenever I'm preparing to publish mods new version appears, perhaps I will succeed now as WinMBT OOB's are compatible with v. 3.01
Made some maps, not a vast number but I believe they were rather good, created them as close to reality as possible. The maps can be stil DL'ed on the Yahoo SPMBT or SPWW2 groups. As to the scen design, I haven't done too much so far, but already tried something.

Generally I hope I'd be able to do something useful in the campaign project.


EDIT: PS forgot to mention, I'm living in the Czech Republic, respectively in Kladno, which is an industrial city of 80.000 inhabitants some 30 kilometers off our capital, Prague. The University I attend is located in Prague.
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