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Default Re: Pz V Panther Icons v1.0

The French one?

Well from what I read the 503rd Combat Tank Regiment (501e-503e RÚgiment de Chars de Combat, 501e-503e RCC) was equipped with some after the war. A shortage of spare parts led to them being dropped in the 50s. Apparently, according to the folks at ,,Achtung Panzer" the French continued to produce a modified 75mm KwK 42 L/70 gun as the 75mm DEFA and CN75-50 gun.

As for photographs, well the best I could find was a picture in a .PDF file of a Panther that was used by the French (the 503rd) and is now on display, with German markings, at the 503rd' s HQ at Mourmelon-le-Grand.

Here is the link. It is quite an interesting little find.
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