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Default Re: Question about radios

Roger that. I did some investigation and have ascertained that the units with '*'s physically don't have radios. Moreover, I've noticed that the white '*' units are indicated as being 'in contact' (as are the white R units). My understaning would be that these units are rallyable and benefit from experience of the entire chain of command up to and including the group commander. However, the '*' units would be subject to some penalty in that regard.

My understaning is that the yellow R and '*' units would merely be influenced by their immediate formation leader; the yellow R units are described having 'radio contact' status. I need to verify this, but the yellow R units implies a red R of some superior in the chain of command. I don't have any units with a yellow '*' so I'm unclear what status they would have; yellow 'radio contact' for '*' unit would be oxymoron, no? I'd speculate that a yellow R fomation leader would imply a red R for their superior and all subordinate units of the red R would be either yellow R or '*'. (???)

Moreover, yellow R and '*' units would only be influenced for rally and experience purposes from the point of red R or '*' superior formation leader on down.

Clearly any '*' unit would ultimately lose ALL contact if they were outside of the 3-5 hex limit from their immediate formation leader; probaly showing as red '*' and probably 'out of contact' status.
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