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Default Re: Question about radios

wht R A> 3rd Brigade HQ (contact)

wht R B0> HQ 1st Bn/7 Cav (in contact)
yel R B1> Art Liason (radio contact)
yel R B2> AF FAC (radio contact)

red R AF0> HQ 1 PLT B/2/5 (no contact)
wht R AF1> airmobile (in contact)
wht R AF2> airmobile (in contact)
wht R AF3> airmobile (in contact)
wht * AF4> MMG (in contact)
wht R AF5> heavy wpn (in contact)

Who is B1 & B2 in contact with? B0 or A?
AF4 is in voice contact only w/AF0 (voice contact w/either B0 or A is nonsensical). AF1-3 & 5 are in contact with A, B0 or AF0? AF0 not in contact w/neither A, B0 and AFx or only A & B0?
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