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Default Dissapointing

Hi all!

It's been a while since I last visited the Phong's Head.
*takes a swig from his brewski*
Of late I tried several different 4X games (a very small revival has occured so it seems) like, Distant Worlds, GalCiv 2, Endless Space and Legends of Pegasus. But none of them has the same apeal to me as Space Empire IV (I really gave SE V a chance, but it didn't work out for me). Legends of Pegasus comes closest to SE IV, but it's so bug ridden it's almost unplayable (it has gotten very much better since the release though). I really like the real time combat. Maybe a good pointer for Aaron...?
Anyway, will there ever be a worthy successor to SE IV?

PS. I saw Malfador has announced an android game.
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