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Default Re: Dissapointing

Sword of the Stars is pretty good, especially if you get the collection - you've got six races each with very distinct play styles, especially in terms of their means of starship propulsion! (Some of these are pretty creative, too - for instance, the Hivers move REALLY slow, but they can set up teleport gates which let them warp in ships from any other gate in the empire in an instant! Woe to the player who assaults a Hiver world... and then there's the Morrigi, whose fleet speed is proportional to the NUMBER OF SHIPS in the fleet! Hit 'em fast and hard, indeed!)

As for Malfador's Android game, I asked Aaron about it, since he hasn't released any screenshots as promised yet, and he said it's a space RPG in the vein of Starfury... Interesting!
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