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Default Re: Server Wishlist (command line options)

A bleed-over from a request in the mappers wishlist.

Since its a hosting thing, and the extensive time it would add to hosting could be a factor, maybe we could have a hosting switch rather than a game command that would curb the creation of castles. Something like

--enfcastles <#> enforce castle limits.

Possibly the overhead on this is already licked. The program might have already done all the figuring for "is this too close to another castle" for the AIs and can use the data for general enforcement. If so then the <#> can be dropped to save overhead. But it might be nice to be able to set a game for enforced no castles next to castles, or no castles within one province of another castle, or even no castles within 10 provs of castles just to avoid late-game clutter and the drag it causes to final-win.
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