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Default Re: USA versus Warsaw Pact 1986-Ferg

Sorry for the delay between post. I am dealing with some medical issues and some days are better than others. Roman had posted a comment about how screenshots can be useful. I still think these computer things are a passing fad so I don't want to get too educated on them. I am sure they will be gone in a few years. I still have to read post and stickies on how to do screenshots. I know...I is soooooo simple. My VCR still flashes 12:00 and yes I still have a VCR.

My opening artillery shots hit mostly dirt and trees. I bet I scared them though. I thought for sure that the shots on the northern road would result in some hits. Nope. The Soviets fired a wide collection of artillery at me. I lost two M110's and a disabled ammo truck to lucky shots. Most of the enemy shells fell on random locations so it was a draw. I destroyed a 122mm section with counter battery fire from my off map 8" units.

Turns one and two of the battle were moving all elements forward to the objectives. Because of the limited visibility (14) there was no contact. I think the terrain also played a bit into it. I placed my M901's on the hillsides just behind the objectives to provide over watch. As I started to make my moves on turn three, my M1's started to spot several (6 or so) BDRM's moving in the middle of the map. Range was around 1400 meters and my M1's and the BDRMS were moving fast. I tried to get shots off at them but most went wide left. I dismounted my Infantry just shy of the objectives and would capture them on turn four. I have noticed that the enemy fires on the first captured hexes within one or two turns. I moved an M577 with GSR to a small rise up north and he was able to spot the BDRM's. I plotted my on map artillery to the west of the objectives in a guess on where they would be in 1.3 turns. I concentrated most of these fires up north to cover the one avenue of rapid advance along the road.

Next post will cover turns 4,5, and 6.
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