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Default Re: DAR: Yom Kippor War - Sinai

Turn 4

North Sector
Destroyed one of the scout jeeps northwest of Hill 3. Engaged the other one doing some damage, but it's still there. Infantry still moving into position.

Center Sector
Destroyed second enemy scout jeep and the bazooka team. No more enemy sighted in the sector, but mortar rounds started to fall inflicting a few casualties. The Israeli mortars respond fast! I thought about engaging some of the enemy half tracks to the south with ATGMs, but I don't think they are worth wasting missiles on.

South Sector
Tanks and a nearby SPAA section engaged and destroyed two half tracks in the passes. I'm fine with the tanks, but didn't expect my SPAA units to engage. It might be a good idea to move them.


Friendly: Estimated 3 casualties.

Enemy: Two scout jeeps and two M3 half-tracks destroyed, estimated 15 casualties.
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