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Default Re: DAR: Yom Kippor War - Sinai

Turn 5

North Sector
Destroyed second scout jeep. No more enemy units seen in area. Infantry continuing to move into position as are the RR teams.

Center Sector
Cleared the impact zone of the enemy mortar, so rounds coming in are just stirring up dust. The Israeli air force showed up. No surprise there. Two A-4N Skyhawk IIs came in from the east. Both were shot down by infantry SAMs, but one succeeded in bombing some BTRs, with no effect. The SAM hit percentages were much better than previous battles. Either their experience is making a difference or I did better with placement. Anyhow, I need to move them and check on their ammo supply.

South Sector
Destroyed three more half-tracks and one scout jeep with tanks and SPAA units. Both the tanks and the SPAA units started relocating. Enemy mortar rounds started to fall where one of the SPAA vehicles had been located. One enemy scout jeep succeeded in turning a flag, but it won't survive this turn. Two enemy Sh'ot Kal tanks going over hilltop south of southern pass. They are too far south to be engaged from Hill 1 (can't be seen), so my AT guns will hold fire until they get closer.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: One scout jeep, three M3 half-tracks and two A-4N Skyhawk IIs destroyed, estimated 20 casualties.
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