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Default Re: DAR: Yom Kippor War - Sinai

Turn 6

North Sector
No enemy in the area, but was hit by 155mm artillery. One RR team took some casualties. Infantry on both Hills 2 and 3.

Center Sector
Round 2 for the Israeli air force. This time, I only damaged both aircraft coming in. They destroyed one RR team and two BTRs. Mortar rounds started dropping on my infantry SAM teams also. I am going to have to move them around some.

South Sector
A third Sh'ot Kal tank spotted. I'm waiting until they move more into the kill zone of the ambush. In the meantime, the four reserve Sagger teams are relocating to engage the enemy tanks should they get through. My tanks pounded on one mech infantry squad. There are three half-tracks still in the area, but the only units that can see them are the AT guns and I'm saving them for the tanks.


Friendly: Two BTR-50PK APCs and one B11 RR destroyed, estimated 10 casualties.

Enemy: Estimated 5 casualties.
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