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Default Re: DAR: Yom Kippor War - Sinai

Turn 8

North Sector
Enemy infantry in platoon strength east of Hill 2. I brought up my BTRs to help the infantry engage. Two Sh'ot Kal tanks seen well east of Hill 3. They aren't moving at this point. I wonder if they will wait for me to get some Sagger teams over there.

Center Sector
Relocated one of my mortar sections that was drawing mortar fire. It hasn't fired yet, but it might have been spotted during the air strikes.

South Sector
Since the three enemy tanks gave me a nice view of their rear and side, I opened up with my two 100mm ATGs. Two Sh'ot Kal tanks destroyed. The other one has turned back to the east. I'm not sure what it's up to, but it's alone now. Destroyed two more half-tracks with my 85mm ATGs. Also, hit some enemy mech units left walking when their rides bought it. Infantry company on the move now that the enemy forces have been pretty much destroyed. One tank platoon is tagging along for support.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: Two Sh'ot Kal tanks and two M3 half-tracks destroyed, estimated 25 casualties.
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