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Default Re: Any Battle Requests?


Looks like the battles are going to be Trafalgar, Lissa and a less historically accurate battle based on (inspired by?) the ‘Glorious First of June’ called-> Line Of Battle. The first two will be focused on the English side, but the last one takes the French perspective for the primary player. Lissa will be a good choice for a HotSeat game because it is a smaller action between smaller ships. Line Of Battle is a good choice for a BPEM game because the forces are already just about ready to engage – and there is lots to do or consider – so taking your time on each turn will pay off.

I just played Trafalgar again this evening and it’s a real set-to. I may need to readjust the French and Spanish quality settings – they got whooped. But then again I had my ‘Damage Factor’ way up – so I’ll have to verify that…
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