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Default Re: Lanka: unit stats, comments and tips

Just a thing you seems to have missed about the demon troops : they don't have any helmet, meaning that they're vulnerable to low strenght attacks that hit the head , were only the natural protection apply for them.

The only sacred troop that does have a helmet are the Kala-Mukha, and they're not capitol-only, and are not marked as demons (an advantage : they cannot be banished)

They have only two minor flaws : they don't get the "need not eat" ability and are gluttonous, and they cost more in gold and ressource that the others units (but as theyr are more useful ...)

The advantages of the capitol-only demons, are being cheaper, and a better mouvement value (Palankashas have 15 AP versus 8 for the Kala-Mukha, so they can be good flanking units)

Because of the lack of helmet on the demons units, I find that they're less survivable than the Kala-Mukha. It would have been a good idea i think if in exchange for this weakness they had something else really useful (a bite secondary attack would have been perfect for the tiger-headed demons, even if it means increasing their cost)

Another thing : i think that the "do not need to eat" ability doesn't work exactly as you seems to think when the unit is gluttonous.

From what I understand, any normal unit need its size in supply to prevent starving, and "do not need to eat" reduce this number to 0.

The gluttonous ability works like a negative supply bonus (in fact, it *is* a negative supply bonus, a unit with a supply bonus (for exemple your nature mages) that are gluttonous only show the supply bonus icon, with a lesser value that expected)

What does it means ?

If you have a size 3 demon with the "do not need to eat" ability and gluttonous -4, he will never starve and will reduce the supply available by 4 only, so he will only be the same as a size 4 unit (such as a jotun giant).

At least, it's what *I* think is how it works.
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