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Default Re: Lanka: unit stats, comments and tips

Now that we've had a while to play around with them, any other Lanka tips and advice out there?

Personally, I'm trying to figure out a use for the Rhakshasis. They're more expensive and less survivable than the Rhaksharajas (who also have better leadership and priest power), and for what? Nature magic? The much cheaper Yoginis have that covered. Seduction? Well, after trying that out, it just seems to be an good way to get an expensive unit killed, for little in exchange (maybe a couple assassinations, and some seduced crap commander you have no use for). I guess they could make interesting stealth commander for Atavi troops, but wow, pretty expensive for that, I think.

So what am I missing/misunderstanding here?

And oh, anyone know for sure whether demons are immune to disease or not?
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