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Default Re: Guide to EA Mictlan and bloodhunting

Baalz said:I actually find that the astral bless is surprisingly effective at improving their staying power. The first hit is negated by the blessing, and at least one other hit is negated by the shape shifting, so you end up having to hit them many times to take them down (not easy if they've also got a water bless)...while they're wailing away at you with a huge sword quick sword.
Firstly, excellent guide Baalz.

I agree with astral bless, twist of fate on your sacred warriors and on your sacred mage/priests really increases there surivability. Which saves you gold btw, always useful for Mictlan as Baalz points out. A S9W9 dual bless is I think on a par with F9W9.

Also you have a astral lvl 9 mage with your pretender which is fantastic for the end game.

The additional MR also helps your sacreds against magic later on and the shroud of the battle saint becomes a real bargain for 5S gems, combo it with boots of stone to get high protection as well, obviously difficult to do with a lack of earth but you never know.
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