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Default Re: Jomon advice wanted

As Zenzei showed, it isn't 100% necessary to go 3 Prod, but the high resource cost of Jomon troops will remain an issue. Really, your 2 primary options are either 3 Prod, or an awake SC. If you don't have one or the other, you will be dreadfully slow in growing, as once your starting garbage troops start to die, you'll have only a handful of men to replace them with.

So basically, to avoid the 3Prod, I'd generally take my buddy:
Cyclops, E9, Dom 5, Order3/Cold1/Drain2

You can put him to sleep to research buffs or cons first:
Dormant Cyclops, E9, Dom5, Order3/Prod3/Cold1/Misf1

While I mostly have used the Earth bless for Jomon, I am a big fan of Water as well:
Dormant Lady of Fortune, W9 S4, Dom6, Order3/Prod3/Cold1/Misf2/Drain2

As far as sticking with your Celestial General, you have to ask yourself, "what do I really expect to get from X magic path?". Maximizing your pretender build is extremely important, as it's the only thing you can't just change in the middle of the game. Using your D4 as an example, the highest level Jomon summons, needs D4. If you took D3, you can make a Skull Staff to use for the summons. Bear in mind, that 4th circle cost you 32 points, that's almost a scale point - and you need 1F as well to summon the Dai Oni, something that you lack.

Some points to bear in mind - if you want to do a bless strat with capital only troops that need 20+ resources, you probably need the Prod3. The 3 minor blesses that you show (A/E/D) won't provide near enough benefit to even worry much about your bless anyways. The problem for you with Jomon, is that your other heavy infantry are pretty solid, so you really need a major bless to even make it worth fussing over. Simply put, 20% Air Shield, 2 Reinvig, and +100% Affliction rate isn't going to make your bless troops substantively more powerful.

Since your General wasn't awake, I'll give another suggestion for a more magic/summons heavy strat:
Dormant Enchantress, 6 Dom, F4/E4/S4/D4, Order3/Prod3/Cold1/Misf1/Drain2 - You could drop the Drain into Misf, but Misf3 while doable, can be frustrating. You could also experiment with dropping the Prod 1-2 points to boost the other damaged scales, or balance with a little out of your Order, if you are used to playing without the cash. Just pay close attention to your rate of troop acquisition in the starting phase of the game, and how fast you are able to topple indies. If you can't expand your territory very efficiently at first, then the second stage of the strat needs to come fairly early, and be well thought out.
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