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Default Re: Jomon advice wanted

Jomon is incredibly resource hungry, so that means you want an awake SC (with awe, of course). If you're keen on having death access I'd go for a ghost king, give him a bit of A/E on top of his death so he can self-buff (air shield is especially important early, it should make him able to solo most indies right off the bat)

The other option is an awake 'clops, which will give you a couple more points of productivity and a safer early game SC, at the cost of some magical flexibility. (Or you could splash D on him instead of taking scales if you prefer...the GK will have better mobility later on, but is vulnerable to anti-undead spells, the cyclops is less mobile, but doesn't have the undead weakness to certain spells. Take your pick.)

You'll need to budget 45 astral pearls in order to empower one of your S2 guys to S3 to make the 2 rings, but you've got crystal coins available nationally, so it's not a huge weakness.

I wouldn't bother with the Jomon sacreds, they're kind of horrible. Go with the archers and flaming arrows strat mentioned early, just keep recruiting until you get an F2 mage and cast phoenix power and you're good to go. Commune if you get bad picks and only have F1 mages available.
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