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Default Dust

Dust I think is problematical.
Can we maybe have a Yes/No button in preferences for dust? I am playing games in the desert and I continually face whole battalions of armour free to run around the map at will. I cant touch them as they create a dust trail and then neatly jump back a hex at the end of their turn out of sight. I realise my units can opportunity fire at the dust cloud creators in the opponent's turn but this then gives away the gun position, as the distance is automatically known and it is then promptly shelled off the map. Obviously in the real world, at the end of their 'turn' vehicles should be at the head of the dust trail and so visible to be engaged.
My opponent always uses fast cheap units like jeeps or Carriers to create the Dust screen.
Also unlike smoke the amount of dust available is unlimited.
Thank you.
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