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Post Re: Op Fire Filters

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
There is a setting for missile carrying targets as far as I recollect. The M3 is an ATGM carrier AFAIR so is engaged at the ATG/ATGM range - so did you remember to set that value down to your new range as well?.
I had not remembered this setting. However, I have found from the Game Guide (GG) the following:

Experience -
This is one of the most vital variables in the entire game. It determines if you are 'green' cannon fodder, or an elite or veteran, who shoots more shots, and hits more often. 70 is about average.
The default Experience setting for the T-62M is 54. So, following the clue from the GG, I reduced Experience by half until I reached 4, a value where I bounded the M3A2s at 7 mph until within 11 hex of the T-62Ms. Thereafter, the CSVs bounded at 2 mph to within 50m. I repeated this iteration three times with similar results.

I can say, since contact was imminent, I kept the speed of the CSVs at 7 mph or less. In tests where I moved the lead CSV by more than 7 mph say near the max speed of the M3A2, the CSV received accurate tank fire from the T-62Ms often resulting in a kill by the T-62Ms.

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