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Fallout Re: Infantry Served Weapons and Organization.

Well to follow up "dmnt"...
Always been a fan of FN and H&K but Finland has made the buy as noted in the previous Post. They will also include a grenade launcher as well and as noted in the below ref. I think with the lead time of this order and size, I would think the Finnish Spec Op units should have these by JUL 2015.

Next the Russians are back pedaling on earlier reports they had selected the AK-12. It seems we're right back where we started with the competition still between the AK-12 & A-545. I feel the bottomline here will be a split order to keep both manufacturers operating. But whata I know?

We've been hearing the military might go to a heavier cal. sidearm than what we carry maybe it'll be the new BARRETA in a .40 Cal? Makes a good "home defense" weapon though I think I would still prefer a 1911 .45 Cal myself. Anyway take a look...

Well it appears we're about to catch with the rest of the world in the actual tubes we use in the 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar category.

The French are still on track with the MMP ATGW as MBDA completes
the 2nd test firing of the weapon. It's a "shoot and forget" weapon that will replace the MILAN systems of the French Army.

Have a great end of week! It'll be my "Hump Day" but I'm still waiting to see that camel!?!

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