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Default Re: Dungeon Odyssey is everywhere

Originally posted by David Gervais:History: Did you know that this is how Aaron found this lonely artist? He saw my RPG tiles and liked them. He then contacted me to see if he could use them in a game he was creating. (Called Venture Fourth) well, not only did I let him use the Existing tiles, but he caught me just when I was creating a whole new Isometric set (terrain and walls) and before you know it, I was neck deep in league with Aaron making a RPG game. At some point in the dev cycle I suggested he change the name to Dungeon Odyssey. He liked the name and it eventually got published through Shrapnel. You know the rest of this story.

Aaah, that was a fun walk down memory lane.

Have a great day, Cheers!
Interesting bit of hisory. It also nicely illustrates why it is important that people give proper credit when they use someone elses work.


Edit: Messed up the quote.. I can't seem to make a single post without having to edit it afterwards.. sigh...

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Dungeon odyssey modules:

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