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Default Re: Anyone for a game ?

Would you be interested in a small (1500-2500 points on a 80x80 or 80x100) PBEM Campaign Game?

You'd have to own the CD version.

If your new to Campaigns or PBEM or PBEM CG's, then maybe British vs. German in North Africa April-August 1942 (no more than 2500)?

Or July-Dec 1943 Germans vs. Russians, maybe 1-3 companies worth of stuff, plus some support stuff.

Or we could go smaller, 1 infantry company sized unit with a tank platoon or two or something on 60x60 or 70x70 map.

Generally I like 1-3 companies on 80x100 maps.

I have experiance both in PBEM and CG's but never played a PBEM CG.

I'd also say no more than 1 flight of CAS, no unhistorical unit mixes (i.e. a company of assault engineers, with a company of tigers, or 50 sniper scout teams, etc.).
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